AIOU Degree Verification Complete Process 2022

Getting good grades in college is every student’s dream. After the exam, the university will announce the results. Successful applicants will be awarded a degree. These degrees are very valuable, but they are validated by the university once they are obtained. Aiou Graduate Review is the whole process fully explained in this article.

AIOU Degree Verification Procedure & Check Tracking

After completing a course at Allama Iqbal Open University, you will need to obtain and verify your degree.
Step-by-step process to learn how to verify your AIOU degree.

First of all, get “Aiou Completion Confirmation”. If you have internet and a printer, go to the official Allama Iqbal Open University website, search the website for degree verification options, and download.

Step 1: Type “AIOU” in Google and open the first link.

aiou degree varefication method
Step 2: Click “Degree Verification System”

Degree Verification System
Step 3: Please read all the details shown in the image and click Download Application or Challan Form if you do not wish to submit online.

challan form

This option will give you some links. One of them is a confirmation form. Print it out and fill in the important details. Please provide all information accurately as incorrect information will result in a degree rejection. You must also specify the correct address where the certified original of the degree can be obtained.

A challan form is also required as there is a confirmation fee for each sanad. Chalan forms can be submitted to Allied Bank. Make copies of everything and submit them to the university. A life-saving tip is to make copies of all documents before submitting them. Therefore, in case of future problems, these copies can be presented as evidence.

As we told you above, Allama Iqbal Open University Degree or Sanad will be sent to your address, so please fill out the form correctly. Address conflicts can lead to process delays. Therefore, it is necessary to confirm that the specified address has previously received an email from a university or public institution. This ensures security and saves a lot of hassle.

varification degree

Use this link:

Once you’ve made all your copies, save them and proceed to submit. After submission, it will take three months for the university to review your degree, process it, and return it to you.

It is also important not to interfere with the university system. If you break it, the completion confirmation date will advance further.

If after 3 months if they don’t receive a certified degree, then should contact the Alama Iqbal Open University nearest branch.

Both online and submission methods in this industry are great and work perfectly. In this regard, Aiou does not have strict and fast instructions like other online universities that only require online or offline submissions for degree confirmation.

Document Requirements for AIOU Degree Confirmation:

  • Application Form
  • Charan Form
  • Copy of degree

Please visit this link to download these documents

You can also get a certificate of completion quickly.
The fee is Rs 1000 and you will receive the confirmation on the same day and pick it up directly on campus.

Contact information for AIOU

phone number:


Helpline number:
9250012, 9057310

Branch contact:

Ashfaq Ahmed Rd, H-8/2 H 8/2 H-8, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory 44000

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